AWS Managed Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Services Provider (MSP) provides scalability, high availability, and high-performance solutions to manage cloud services for leading the digital transformation of enterprises. AWS has a global infrastructure, low-latency, secure, service-wide cloud platform that covers most industries and businesses of all sizes. Yuan Jhen AWS Managed Services helps you focus on developing business confidently!


Yuan Jhen AWS Managed Services Include:


Cloud Architecture Planning

Cloud assessment
Service introduction
Architecture proposal

Technical Advisory Services

Technical consulting
Handling billing issues
Maintenance emergency

Proof of Concept (POC)

Cloud requirements testing
Cloud deployment verification

Cloud relocation

Web hosting relocation
Database and data relocation
Workload shifting

AIOps automated maintenance

Cloud accounting management
Cloud environment monitoring
Infrastructure management

Expert support team proactive maintains and monitors, saving costs

A professional team manages to host for you, assists in system optimization, and synchronizes the latest AWS technology and information security. You no need to pay additional cloud management costs and pressures; adapt to the cloud environment and enjoy its elastic expansion and benefits.

Cloud management / transfer / planning / deployment / optimization

Yuan Jhen AWS Managed Services include network, application, infrastructure, information security, and other services. To help enterprises in migrating or deploying, operating or supporting, automating and optimizing cloud environments, hosting facilities or any different workloads, secure and efficient on the cloud.

Infrastructure maintenance and optimization

24/7 infrastructure security monitoring systems and resources service to ensure the regular operation of the website, website performance, cloud database, and application software upgrades. A monthly management report is provided, and customers are equipped to install designated packages and adjust service settings.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Provide flexible backup, set daily, weekly, and monthly automatic backup, Snapshot instant snapshot function. Professional engineers to confirm the host resources and backup status, regular automatic backup, and standby backup data reduce the risk of website data loss.

Premium Additional Services

Regularly provide vulnerability scanning and information security reports, assist in host restart, system adjustment, database analysis, and professional engineering team proactive management services.

International level professional certification

Yuan Jhen has been awarded the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification. Expert support team with the Red Hat certification and SAA certificate, delivering you better services.

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AWS MSP Managed Cloud Services Benefits


Highly Secure Infrastructure

Compliant with hundreds of the world's most stringent security regulations, AWS automatically encrypts and monitors data flows to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data for the security needs of the military, global banks, and other highly classified organizations.


Pay-as-you-go lets you use what you need and makes it easier to change and control your budgets without worrying about long-term contracts!

 AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure

AWS data centers (availability zones) are the most widely distributed. You can choose any location data center to deploy/host your website or specific application closer to your users.

AWS Managed Services – AWS MSP Managed Cloud Services Benefits|Yuan Jhen

 Variety Platform Support

With AWS, you can use popular platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more, support Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and .Net, and provide software development kits.

 High Scalability

AWS scales up and down, provisioning resources as the business demands, reducing costs and quickly launching resources.

 Most Functional and Flexibility

AWS provides infrastructure such as cloud computing, storage, and databases, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and IoT. Through the AWS global infrastructure, enterprises have the flexibility to choose how to execute the workloads.


The 4 Main Issues AWS Managed Services Can Solve:


Heavy day-to-day IT operations

The lack of IT personnel may lead to the compression of project development and the reduction of daily maintenance and operational efficiency.

Complex IT architecture & high equipment maintenance costs

IT architecture becomes more complex as the enterprise expands and data grows. The maintenance and operation of the cloud or data center require 24h engineering personnel to manage or hardware equipment maintenance, enterprises need to bear high costs.

Information security concerns and challenges

Information security is directly related to business reputation and customer trust. Enterprises need to set up a data transmission and storage environment in strict compliance with security regulations, and IT staff constantly monitor abnormal conditions to solve information security issues. Enterprise prompt seeks server management service.

Challenges to effective cost controls

With the enterprise demand increased, the cost of resources you need to use also increases, making it difficult to control costs. Enterprises will need professionals to optimize the use of resources for you to optimize costs and avoid investing in large budget risks.

AWS Managed Services – Amazon Web Services (AWS)|Yuan Jhen

AWS Managed Cloud Services


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