DevOps PaaS (Platform as a Service)

What is PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)?

Platform as a Service (PaaS), known as an application platform as a service or platform-based service, is a cloud computing service model that allows helping businesses to achieve these goals by providing a platform to deploy, test, develop, and manage applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

PaaS offers the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing to servers, networks, storage, operating system software, databases, and development tools that can streamline the application development process without investing in expensive hardware or software.

What is PaaS? Platform as a Service DevOps PaaS Free Trial | Yuan-Jhen

DevOps PaaS Platform as a Service

Yuan Jhen PaaS is an efficient and advanced development solution for developers and DevOps teams centralized on creating, updating, deploying, running, and managing applications in the cloud. There is no need to spend time and money on the underlying infrastructure, operating system, hardware devices, etc. Automated scaling allows you to focus on growing your business.

Free Trial DevOps PaaS

Sign up for Yuan Jhen's PaaS platform and receive a free trial account for 7 days with NT$500 bonus. Quickly deploy your applications with auto-scaling and load balancers, and start optimizing your workflow. No credit card is required!


Grow Business with DevOps PaaS Services

PaaS for DevOps: Free trial Platform as a Service | Yuan-Jhen

Easy To Deploy - One Platform For All Your Popular Stacks

Agility to deploy all applications Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Python, and Go environments with a wide range of ready-made clusters like WordPress, Magento, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, Docker, and Kubernetes. Users can select and create specific applications and services in minutes.

Maximum Uptime SLA - Minimal Downtime Cloud Operation

Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS provides public, private, hybrid, and multi-clouds. You can mix and match clouds to architect different infrastructures. PaaS has over 100 global CDN regions, ensuring maximum fast speeds and uptime for service and instantly continuous development.

Grow Business with DevOps PaaS Services | Yuan-Jhen

Easy To Manage and Intuitive PaaS interface

The easy-to-use interface of Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS simplifies the building and management of your development, test, and production environments. You can monitor used resources, utilize automatic scaling, create alerts, add custom domains, set up SSL certificates, assign Firewall rules for inbound and outbound traffic, and so on with a few clicks.

Cost Effective - Pay-As-You-Use Pricing Model

With Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS, you only pay for the resources you use, not for limitations. The system automatically scales resource use to fit your actual needs. You are charged hourly and can save up to 80% on hardware and infrastructure deployment and maintenance costs.

Cloud PaaS Free Trial, Cost Effective - Pay-As-You-Use | Yuan-Jhen

High-Performance DevOps

Yuan Jhen PaaS provides a high-performance, high-availability DevOps solution with container virtualization. You can deploy multiple apps and databases at the same time with unique operating environments, saving time and costs. Remove the need for individual configurations and quickly deploy development, testing, and maintenance requirements. This low-cost, time-saving solution frees up your time for innovation and growth.

Zero Code Change Deployment

Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS enables the deployment and operation of monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices without requiring code changes or vendor lock-in. GIT, SVN with automated updates, archives (.zip,.war,.ear), or integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA can be utilized directly from the developer interface to deploy rapidly.

Automatic Scaling and Clustering

Automatic scaling enables granular resource allocation based on the load level. Pay for consumed resources to ensure your applications reach maximum performance, availability, and cost-effectiveness.

DevOps PaaS Support Deployment, Development of Applications

Support Programming Languages

Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS: Empowering Users with a Rapid and Innovative Development Environment.

  • PHP (5.4 -8.1)
  • NodeJS (6,8,9 & 10)
  • Python (2.7 - 3.7)
  • Golang (1.9 & 1.10)
  • Java (JDK6-11, OpenJDK, OpenJ9)

Support Server

Automatic application scaling along with a convenient collection of resources for simply expanding or decreasing application resources.

  • Apache Web Server
  • NGINX Web Server
  • LightSpeed Web Server
  • Apache Tomcat Server
  • GlassFish ServerServer

Support Database

SQL, NoSQL database and database clusterization.

  • MariaDB/MySQL/Percona
  • PostgreSQL
  • MonoDB
  • CouchDB
  • Redis

Load balancing

Allocating resource load optimizes resource use and reduces response time.

  • HaProxy
  • LiteSpeed Web ADC
  • Apache
  • Varnish

DevOps PaaS - Pay only for Consumed Resources

PaaS Pricing Calculator


Pricing Calculator

  • 1 Cloudlet = 128MiB RAM and 400MHz of CPU
  • 1 Cloudlet = NTD$ 0.1212 per hour ($87.2/month)
  • Storage = NTD$ 0.005566/GB per hour (Free first 10GB) ($4/month)
  • IP Address = NTD$ 0.2 per hour ($144/month)
  • Bandwidth = NTD$ 3/GB (Free 1GB per hour)
  • CDN = First 10 TB Traffic Price = USD 0.08/Gb, per end user


  • CDN is calculated in US dollars, and the system will charge according to the current exchange rate at checkout.
  • Resource billing statistics are updated in every 1-2 hours.
  • If the resource usage is less than 1 GB or 1 hour, it will be charged as 1 GB or 1 hour.
  • Additional service fees - CDN, LiteSpeed Web Server

Bonus Program

Bonus Program

Next generation DevOps PaaS cost-effective, one platform for all stacks, saves you money!

  • Free trial Paas platform and get a NT$500 bonus. Get 30% bonus when upgrading to the paid account.
  • If the user reactivates an account on Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS, will get a 10% bonus credit.


  • Trial account: The account will be terminated 30 days after the balance is less than 0.
  • Paid account (including credit balance): The account will be terminated 60 days after if the balance is less than 0.
  • The paid account will not be suspended or terminated if the balance remains above 0 (including bonus).

PaaS Examples in Cloud Computing

Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS are suitable for enterprises, organizations, and developers of all sizes. PaaS delivers an integrated and ready-to-use platform that allows you to focus on building, deploying, and managing applications while ensuring operating security and stability. Take advantage of cost-effective, automated orchestration and elastic cloud spending to help your business develop. Here are some cases of PaaS application targets and industries:


With pre-configured development environments and packages of clustered are available in the Marketplace. Developers simply need this one platform, which allows them to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and boost productivity without concern about underlying infrastructure and management.


Enterprise IT departments

DevOps PaaS provides reliable and lightning-fast deployment and manages the environment without hassle. IT teams quickly create, manage, and maintain applications. Enterprises significantly decreased administration costs and application maintenance time.


Startups, Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

Elastic automatic scaling features provide a cost-effective solution to quickly build and deploy applications without investing in expensive infrastructure.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS allows ISVs quickly and efficiently to develop, deploy, and scale applications. To deliver value applications to customers without investing in costly infrastructure or worrying about its security or stability.


How to apply DevOps PaaS?

Sign Up: Create an Account

DevOps PaaS Platform Support Deployment, Development of Applications | Yuan-Jhen

Create new environment and create applications

PaaS Price and  Bonus Program, DevOps PaaS Cost | Yuan-Jhen

Collaborate in a shared environment

PaaS Examples in Cloud Computing, PaaS Cloud Services | Yuan-Jhen

Configure PaaS and upgrade a trial account

Why DevOps PaaS? Benefits of DevOps PaaS Platform | Yuan-Jhen

KYC verification procedures may take two business days in specific circumstances.

Cloud PaaS is the ultimate solution to all your DevOps challenges

Benefits of DevOps PaaS


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PaaS platform typically supports multiple programming languages and frameworks. Commonly supported languages include Java, Python, Node.js, and .NET, along with frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django.
PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud computing model that offers developers a platform to build, test, and deploy applications without managing the underlying infrastructure. PaaS focuses on application development like Yuan Jhen DevOps PaaS. SaaS (Software as a Service) delivers software applications over the Internet on a subscription basis, eliminating the need for installation or maintenance.SaaS offers ready-to-use software like MailCloud Enterprise Email. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides virtualized computing resources, storage, and networking. IaaS provides infrastructure resources for users to manage, giving users control and flexibility over the infrastructure like Cloud Hosting and AWS Managed Services.
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DevOps is a collaborative software development methodology that streamlines delivery, improves quality, and fosters teamwork. PaaS complements DevOps by providing a cloud-based platform for developers to build, test, and deploy applications. With automated provisioning, scaling, and deployment, PaaS facilitates the CI/CD pipeline, enabling faster and more efficient software development and delivery.
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Yuan Jhen provides two types of cloudlets to optimize your resource allocation:
  • Reserved Cloudlets offer fixed pricing and attractive discounts, regardless of usage.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets adapt resources based on demand, allowing you to pay for actual usage. Embrace the flexibility of cloudlets, precisely allocating resources to match your needs and ensuring scalability as your project grows.
With our flexible cloudlet solutions, you can efficiently allocate resources based on your needs and budget while ensuring scalability as your project evolves.

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