What is WAF (Website Application Firewall)?

WAF, short for Web Application Firewall, is designed to protect website applications. By monitoring and filtering HTTP/HTTPS requests transmitted through a website, WAF can identify viruses, malicious software, and other cyber threats, thereby blocking suspicious or malicious traffic from entering the site. It only allows secure and legitimate traffic to pass through, thereby safeguarding the website from malicious attacks and data breaches, ensuring its security.

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WAF (Website Application Firewall) Fees

Cloud AI - WAF / $51.67month/domain

List Price: $110 / month
* Purchase Cloud AI-WAF and receive an additional DV SSL certificate (one per year, applicable only to the Cloud AI-WAF platform), valued at $30.
* An additional setup fee of $33.33 is required for the first-time setup. This setup fee is waived for annual payment plans.
*This service includes 2TB of free monthly traffic. Additional traffic beyond this limit will be charged at $0.33/GB



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Assisting cybersecurity defense,
Identifying unknown threats.

  • Utilizing a logic engine and machine learning AI modules with the highest detection accuracy and low false positive rates.
  • Cloud AI-WAF allows for adjustable security rules, unlike other WAFs that only offer binary enable/disable options.
  • Analyzing attack patterns to identify unknown threats or new attack modes.
  • Protecting websites from the impact of the OWASP Top 10 risks
  • Standard DDoS attack protection, capable of resisting attacks targeting both L3/4 (network and transport layers) and L7 (application layer).
  • Triple security network monitoring including authentication security, traffic monitoring, and prevention of hacker attacks.


Easy to activate,
Instantly protected in the cloud.

  • 100% cloud-based, no hardware or software installation required.
  • Optimized security rules based on Asia-Pacific's top network security technology and internal security experts.
  • Default security policies for quick security configuration.
  • Taiwan and global nodes for fast connection speeds.
  • Visual centralized dashboard for immediate presentation of protection data.
  • Comprehensive network security services including policy optimization, malicious traffic monitoring, DDoS protection, real-time dashboards, etc.
  • Analyzing network threats and sharing information with the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) for real-time database updates.

Note:This solution is limited to use on one domain. Additional purchases are required for usage on subdomains. If the subdomain is www, it counts as one domain with the main domain.

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Examples of Defense with Cloud AI - WAF


Cloud AI - WAF: Evolving Defense Against Network Attacks


Cloud AI - WAF is the leading WAF firewall in the Asia-Pacific region, powered by a logic-based detection engine and artificial intelligence (AI). It filters out unknown and new malicious accesses and requests, enhancing the security of all website applications and systems, and resisting persistent threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).


Preventing Network Hacker Attacks

Cloud AI - WAF detects and blocks web application attacks.

Preventing Customer Data Leakage

Utilizing machine logic algorithms for precise detection and identification, confidential information is shielded and protected.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Detecting and blocking brute force attacks.

Preventing Website Defacement

  • Avoiding website and database tampering to ensure the accuracy of website content.

Cloud AI - WAF Website Security Protection Features

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Robust Defense Coverage

Customizable with 26 defense rules for comprehensive defense mechanisms, resisting various threats and denying hackers any opportunities.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Utilizes next-generation WEB AI detection methods, showcasing higher detection rates and reduced false positives.

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Quick Deployment, User-Friendly

Intuitive configuration with a GUI management console for simplified and secure management.

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0-Day Instant Protection, Automatic Updates

Regularly updates the database in accordance with OWASP TOP 10 specifications, ensuring real-time updates to software and system protection rules, thus safeguarding website security at all times!


Multi-Domain/High Traffic Cloud AI - WAF Solution

Cloud AI - WAF provides advanced website security protection to safeguard the security of multiple domains and handle high traffic volumes effectively.|遠振資訊YuanJhen info.
Cloud AI - WAF boasts a high blocking accuracy and supports connection rates of up to 23,000 CPS, making it suitable for any website. If you have multiple domains, specific project requirements, or exceed 2TB/month in traffic, your needs may differ from those of a standard WAF. In such cases, our cybersecurity consultants will provide tailored assistance to help fortify the security of your company or personal website and protect critical customer information.

Cloud AI - WAF, adopted by YuanJhen info., has once again received certification from Gather in 2024 (Gather inc., a consultancy center specializing in IT and cybersecurity research and assessment). This certification ensures exceptional protection at the most cost-effective price.
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WAF recommendations feature

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Vulnerability Scanning Service:
Detects web page vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of data leaks.
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Malware Scanning
Protection against malicious code threats.

Website Malware and Network Intrusion Scanner
Proactively detects and immediately removes infected files during attacks.
Linux SSD Premium Semi-Dedicated Hosting
24-hour Monitoring, Attack Notification, and Traffic Cleansing Implementation.