Plans Specification of Cloud Hosting


Cloud hostings are on-demand billing
Pay as you use


 CPU:US$0.013/hr per CPU

 RAM:US$0.000013/hr per MB (0.399/hr per GB)

 HDD:US$0.00028/hr per GB

 Windows: US$0.013/hr on-demand

 VM number:with no extra charge (charge by public IP, free intranet IP)

 IPv4 address:US$0.01/hr per IP on-demand (free IPv6)

 Three free Snapshots (100 GB free and US$ 0.03 per GB per month)

Billing Example of Taiwan VM:1 CPU/1 G RAM/30 G HDD/1 IP = US$0.042/hr or US$1 per day



Introduction of Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Hosting – cloud hosting services and providers|Yuan-Jhen

Other Description of Cloud Hosting

  • Purchase SSL Certificate
  • Inward Data Transfer:Free; Outward Data Transfer:Free for the first 3 TB (1 TB free for IPv4 and 2 TB free for IPv6) and US$0.10 per GB beyond the first 3 TB.
    Note:Each account is granted a maximum of 3 TB of free data transfer. If multiple VMs are created, this 3 TB of data transfer will be shared; it is limited to Taiwan cloud hosting, and the data transfer of cloud hosting in other countries will be charged separately.(Free inward traffic of cloud hosting refers to the data transfer from clients to the cloud hosts in our company. For example, a user uploads files to the cloud hosting in our company by FTP software and it is regarded as upload transfer.)
  • Global CDN service:US$0.10 per GB (no free data transfer).
  • cPanel Cloud License:US$17.50 per month.
  • Linux Management Service:Linux Active Hosting Management Services ( maintained by engineers certified by Red Hat ):US$133.33/month/VM (US$106.67 per month if paid quarterly)
  • Even if the VMs of the Taiwan cloud hosting is off, some of the resources which cannot be released will be charged continuously (ex. IP/disk space/Windows license fee). The billing will stop after resources are deleted. As for VMs in other countries, please refer to the control panel for the On/Off prices.
  • For the rest of the regulations, please refer to the Company's Terms and Conditions when applying. When you apply plans from us, you signify that you agree to the company's terms and conditions.
  • Free FTP backup capacity:50 GB (intranet data transfer is not charged).
  • Firewall Rules: Free unlimited group rules
  • Load balancing service:supported
  • Spamming or newsletters without the consent of recipients is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to set up game-related forums or game plug-in sites
  • black-hat SEO-oriented websites or public Web proxy services
  • forum programs written in CGI language, chat rooms, or other programs that consume excessive hosting resources.