Analysis And Comparison of Web Hosts


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Web hosting Advantage Analysis


The cheapest type of hosting services provided by Yuan-Jhen, and we are also the only provider that offers a free 15-day trial and 30-Day satisfaction guarantee!


Only Web, FTP, Mail service functions are provided. The PHP environment can only use modules or components installed by the system default. The modules, components, or software installed in the system environment deployment have been evaluated by the engineer. It is the most secure among various hosting services.


Users can only upgrade the plan to increase capacity and data usage, so CPU resources and RAM are still limited. To ensure the stability and performance of the equipment, our engineers will update, maintain, and replace the old hosting regularly. Currently, the new web hosting uses mainstream specifications, but users cannot choose to add or delete equipment, as well as changing the time.


Web hosting is a multi-user environment, CloudLinux is installed to ensure that the resources used by users are independent ( CPU, RAM, etc. ) and will not affect each other. The available resources are the minimal of all hosting services, but under normal website programs, several websites can be set up, so you don't need to worry about lack of resources.


The web hosting adopts WHM/cPanel console and provides cPanel. With simple operations, you can set up email boxes, databases, etc. We also provide WHM/cPanel back-end teaching documents to assist you.

Plans of the Web Hosting


Web hosting services comparison, including hosting price, manageability,performance etc.|Yuan-Jhen

VPS hosting Advantage Analysis


The VPS hosting is a virtualized dedicated hosting. hosting users in Taiwan TW-VPS-S can choose to use the cPanel console for free ( for Linux, you must install it yourself ) or Windows Server system license; VPS hosting in the US is not included.


The VPS hosting has the highest authority administrator account ( root/administrator ) just like the dedicated hosting. Users can customize the system environment and freely configure and install software programs.


VPS hosting can be upgraded with plans or additional purchases: Plan upgrade: TW-VPS-S can be upgraded to full specifications. Additional purchase: Can purchase hard disk space only. An upgrade of the CPU, or memory is limited since no physical host has an expanded interface ( PCI/PCI-E ).


VPS hosting has independent CPU computing resources and memory. However, because the hosting hardware uses a virtualized structure, the performance is still slightly inferior to the dedicated hosting of the same specifications.


The VPS hosting uses a dedicated console interface. Users can log in for the power management ( power on/off/reboot ), and connect to the hosting through the VNC interface and re-install the operating system. VPS hosting and dedicated hosting do not include management services by default, users must have the ability to manage Windows / Linux operating systems. If you have no system engineer and use the Linux operating system ( RedHat/CentOS ), you can purchase additional hosting management services provided by our company.

Plans of the VPS Hosting


Which website hosting is best? Comparison of web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation|Yuan-Jhen

Dedicated Hosting Advantage Analysis


Exclusive access to complete server resources, so the price of the dedicated hosting is slightly higher than the price of the VPS hosting. To install the cPanel console & Windows operating system, you will need to purchase a license.


The biggest difference between dedicated hosting and web hosting is that you can have an account with the highest authority ( Root for Linux /Administrator for Windows ). Users can customize the system environment, install the required programs, and configure the hosting BIOS.


VPS hosting can be upgraded with the plan or make additional purchases, the apparatus of dedicated hosting can be directly replaced to achieve the effect of comprehensive specifications upgrade. The CPU/RAM/HDD/RAID can be upgraded according to your needs.


Dedicated hosting is a true independent resource. Its performance is higher than the VPS hosting and several times higher than the web hosting. It is suitable for users who set up large websites.


The dedicated hosting provides an IPMI interface, users can log in for power management (power-on, power-off, reboot), and mount the ISO to refill the operating system by themselves. The dedicated hosting does not include management services by default. Users must have the ability to manage Windows/Linux operating systems. If you have no system engineer and use the Linux operating system ( RedHat/CentOS ), you can purchase additional hosting management services provided by our company.

Plans of the Dedicated Hosting


Which web hosting is best for beginners? Ecommerce web hosting comparison|Yuan-Jhen

Colocation Advantage Analysis


The self-provided server is placed in a professional IDC computer room, eliminating the costs of huge construction and personnel management of the computer room. The wholesale price saves a huge amount of expenditure. The rental cost is mainly used for cabinet space, bandwidth, or traffic. A quote is provided according to the user's needs.


The customer has the highest authority to manage and add and delete equipment. We also provide a hosting reboot service, customers can request the company's personnel to accompany them into the server room for maintenance, once a week for three hours each time.


Customers can upgrade the hardware specifications according to their own needs, and can flexibly apply to increase the cabinet space and traffic.


The user's own equipment has its own independent resources, and the system optimized by the customer in terms of performance is related to the hardware equipment. It is suitable for users who own their own servers and manage large-scale websites.


Users must have the ability to manage Windows/Linux systems.

Plans of the Colocation