Dedicated Hosting in Taiwan


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Xeon E3-1230
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Xeon E5-2620
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What is dedicated server hosting? Best dedicated server hosting services|Yuan-Jhen

IPMI remote KVM full control, enjoy stable hardware efficient

Hybrid web structure, a high-speed internal network connection to make real Hybrid Cloud 

 Stable and secure operating environment ✔ Enjoy the whole server resource ✔ High manageability and scalability

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is also known as dedicated server hosting, dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service. Dedicated hosting is to provide the whole dedicated server to a single user, serving 100% independent system resources without sharing with others.

Who needs dedicated hosting?

✔ A website with high traffic and various members
✔ A website with complicated programs, large data inventory
✔ Needs of full server and bandwidth resource
✔ Whom with the Linux/Windows management ability
✔ Module needed and cannot fulfill by another hosting


Details of the Dedicated Hosting in Taiwan

  •  Server Room Location:FETnet (ISO-27001 Certification)
  •  Internet Connection:Direct Connection to HiNet without going through other ISPs.
Who needs dedicated server hosting? Best dedicated hosting with Linux / Windows server|Yuan-Jhen

Most Popular Plan
Core I3

US$166.67 /Month

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◢ Free Hybird Intranet:VPS/Cloud Hosting/Dedicated Hosting can be connected through a high-speed intranet, which provides a true hybrid cloud infrastructure.
◢ Free FTP backup space: 100 GB
◢ IP number of the plans:5
◢ Optional IPMI/Remote KVM: reboot/full control over the remote monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
◢ Hosting Monitoring:Once every five minutes; notification in case of failure (application needed).
◢ MRTG Traffic Flow Diagram

International-level server room
International-level server room

Adopt ISO 27001 certified savecom server room, connect to Chunghwa telecom directly, connect without barriers!

Stable and high performance
Stable and high performance

Independent resources, perfect for users with large website and high traffic needs.

Online in 8 hours
Online in 8 hours

Yuan-Jhen dedicated hosting can get you online in 8 hours on weekdays.

IPMI remote control KVM
IPMI remote control KVM

You can restart, fully remote control the screen, keyboard, and mouse by yourself.

Hosting monitoring
Hosting monitoring

Check every 5 minutes, an email notification will send out if any problems accrues. (Application needed).

MRTG flow diagram
MRTG flow diagram

Provide traffic flow diagram to monitor website traffic anytime.

Handy OS template
Handy OS template

OS template for you to apply, speedy auto reinstalls.

Hybrid network structure
Hybrid network structure

Hybrid cloud network structure, flexible and with free internal high-speed transmission.

Carry both space and traffic
Carry both space and traffic

Provide plans for small to large usage, help you to get the perfect resources.

24-hour technical support
24-hour technical support

The professional technical team is on call for 24/7/365, just like your personal IT team!

Red Hat certified team
Red Hat certified team

Our engineers are qualified with RHCE, provide you the most professional IT service.

With freedom and expandability
With freedom and expandability

Owns the highest authority to manage the hosting. Upgrade the hardware specification in demand.

  • Optional Purchase for Linux Dedicated Hosting:
    • Providing CloudLinux license at the cost of US$18.67 per month. 
    • Extra dedicated IP:US$8.33 per month.
    • Linux Active Hosting Management Service and 24-hour Monitoring (maintained by engineers certified by Red Hat) :US$133.33 per month
  • Optional Purchase for Windows Dedicated Hosting:
    • Microsoft SPLA license fee ( minimum purchase of 8 cores per CPU ): 
    • Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 Standard Version USD 4 per core/month
    • Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 Datacenter Version USD 16 per core/month
    • Optional Purchase for Linux Dedicated Hosting:
    • Microsoft SQL Server is quoted by CPU license.
  • Optional Purchase and Other Extra Fees
    • Purchase SSL Certificate 
    • Dedicated FTP Backup Fee:Free for first 100 GB; US$0.03 per GB per month for extra space ( 10 GB as one unit ).
    • Extra traffic in a single month:setting fee US$1.67 per time and US$0.33 per GB
    • Add RAM/HDD/IP/SAS Disk Array, please contact us.
  • The Dedicated Hosting in Taiwan goes online within 8 hours and is subject to inventory availability. If the payment is completed before 1 pm, the machine will be available at 9 pm (except for holidays).
  • The Dedicated Hosting and VPS cloud hosting systems are highly customizable environments for users. There are no compatibility issues, so no refunds are provided. If users need to test the network speed, please apply for a web hosting product trial.
  • Note: Dedicated Hosting has changed from the current 2 IP addresses to 5 IP addresses (independent/29 network segments). If existing customers need to add IP, require to change, and cannot retain the original IP.

  • Prohibited items
    • Spamming or newsletters without the consent of recipients is strictly prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to set up game-related forums or game plug-in sites 
    • black-hat SEO-oriented websites or public Web proxy services 
    • forum programs written in CGI language, chat rooms, or other programs that consume excessive hosting resources. 
  • Upload traffic is free, which refers to the traffic that flows from the client to the company's server. For example, a user uploads a file to the company's server through a web program, which is upload traffic and will not be charged. *Except FTP*; Please use free FTP space or use relevant programs to backup important data in the host regularly. If you need such information, please apply to the service staff after payment. If you need a complete backup of the automatic system on a regular basis, you can refer to our cloud host service.
  • Users can pay the difference to upgrade the plan when the plan traffic is insufficient, no downgrade is allowed afterward.
  • The cPanel console is recommended to log in using Firefox 17 or above, IE 11.0, or Google Chrome.
  • For the rest of the regulations, please refer to the Company's Terms and Conditions when applying. When you apply plans from us, you signify that you agree to the company's terms and conditions.