WordPress Hosting


Application and Trial

US$80 Year
two months free if pay annual

Application and Trial

US$320 Year
two months free if pay annual

WordPress Hosting
Speed up and secure your WordPress website

To Bulid a successful e-commerce website quickyly

Want to build an e-commerce website for your brand but don’t know where to start with? WordPress Hosting from Yuan-Jhen has built-in applications that you can install in just one click, and with WooCommerce plugin, giving you the most complete solution for your website.

➠ Wordpress Installatron
➠ Wordpress Tutorial

Free additional service of WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting from Yuan-Jhen provides free plugin installation service, and built-in cPanel AutoSSL, you can install free SSL in just one click. WAF and a Malware Scanning service will be also provided for free for you to keep your website safe and gain trust from your customers!

➠ Free SSL Installatron
➠ Free WAF Installatron

Provide 24/7 technical support

Yuan-Jhen provides the professional technical team is on call for 24/7/365 and free plugins installation service, just like your personal IT team! Our engineers are qualified with RHCE, provide you the most professional IT service.

WordPress Hosting - Fast, Secure WordPress web hosting in US |Yuan-Jhen

Enjoy the large space and high traffic with a real bargain

Three features of WordPress hosting. Easy to get the hang of, the best choice for WordPress website setup.

 Easy to get the hang of ✔ Setup cost-saving  ✔ 24/7/365 professional engineering service

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is an open-source system that has many frameworks for you to choose from to save you the time of website design. You can get the function you need like WooCommerce through the WordPress plugin system. Yuan-Jhen provides one-click installation, auto-update, and various website functions for WordPress hosting to help you build your website in a sec. Recommended for E-commerce website!

Who needs WordPress hosting?

✔ Basic website (blog, personal website)
✔ A Website focus on  eCommerce
✔ Lack of IT staff
✔ A website just starts up and with a low budget

Apply NowTutorial for Wordpress Installment

Make Your WordPress Website Runs Smoothly

Popular WordPress hosting software pre-configured for speed and security.
You can manage your WordPress easier by simply installing LiteSpeed cache plug-in in the cPanel.

WordPress automatic Update, Installation with One Click, Backup and Restoration

The WordPress hosting from Yuan-Jhen have built-in WordPress manager and pre-installed programs, as well as one-click installation and automatic update for WordPress. There are backup and restore functions in cPanel. When there is a problem with the update, you will no longer in a bustle, it is easy to immediately back up and restore the machine before the update. WordPress maintenance has never been easier!

US WordPress hosting – WordPress automatic Update, installation with one click, backup and restoration|Yuan-Jhen
PHP Performance Upsurge

PHP 8 is the fastest version of PHP ever. With in-depth PHP tuning, WordPress runs smoothly!

Best wordPress hosting for building WordPress websites in US.|Yuan-Jhen
Cache Accelerate

Cache is one of the most important aspects of WordPress tuning. Yuan-Jhen adopts a highly customized cache mechanism for WordPress with built-in Smart Purge technology. Clients can set the LiteSpeed plug-in quickly in the cPanel. Cache acceleration has never been easier!

WordPress hosting is the best hosting for building WordPress websites in America and Europe.|Yuan-Jhen
Automatic Image Compression

Images are the most likely factor to slow down the speed of webpages. Yuan-Jhen’s automatic image compression optimization technology allows you to upload pictures as much as you like, even if you forget to compress the pictures, the background automatic processing makes your website no longer lag!

Is WordPress hosting free? Yuan-Jhen provides a free WordPress hosting trial or free website transfer service.|Yuan-Jhen
Database Tuning

As for the performance tuning of WordPress, the database is a very important factor. More than 15 years’ experience database optimization technology of Yuan-Jhen comes in handy!

Free WordPress hosting trial in US.|Yuan-Jhen
Web Server Optimization

Adopting the advanced LiteSpeed Web Server will double the load without sacrificing performance and compatibility!

Difference between wordpress hosting and web hosting. Best WordPress Hosting Service|Yuan-Jhen
Increase Information Security

The WordPress hosting includes a WAF firewall, which adds a protective measure to block potential vulnerabilities for the website, reduces the chance of hacking, protects the personal information of the website, consolidates the trust with customers, and provides the real-time protection for WordPress.

WordPress hosting – best web hosting for WordPress US|Yuan-Jhen

Details of the WordPress Hosting Service

  •  Server Room Location:Los Angeles (western coast of US)
  •  Internet Connection:premium network in HiNet and direct connection to Chunghwa Telecom HiNet, China Telecom and China Unicom.

Application Support

Program support and Email Service

Most Popular PlanBest US web hosting for WordPress sites|Yuan-Jhen


two months free if pay annual



Best WordPress Hosting Recommendations

In addition to WordPress Hosting, Yuan Jhen also provides a variety of web hostings that can host your WordPress website. You can easily choose the plan that meets your needs.

Best WordPress hosting plan in US.|Yuan-Jhen
Linux SSD Single Domain Web Hosting
US Single Domain Web Hosting, server room based in Los Angeles, peering with Chunghwa telecom, transmit without barriers. The best solution for your sites to enter the European and the US markets.
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Should I buy WordPress hosting? WordPress hosting help you manage WordPress easy.|Yuan-Jhen
Linux SSD Multiple Domain Web Hosting
The US Web Hosting server room is based in Los Angeles, it is the first choice for entering the US market. A Multiple Domain Web Hosting means that you can be put more than one domain into one server space including subdomains, parked domains, and addon domains.
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How much does hosting a WordPress site cost? Best WordPress Hosting Plan |Yuan-Jhen
Linux SSD reseller Web Hosting
US Linux SSD Reseller Web Hosting, server room in Los Angeles, it can reduce the international node and increase the connection speed. Reseller web hosting provides WHM console for you to manage several accounts from the back-end, highly recommended for web design companies.
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Enterprise-level SSD hard disk
Enterprise-level SSD hard disk

SSD web hosting, fast loading speed, performance upgraded!

15 days free Trial
15 days free Trial

After finishing the purchase process, you can use SMS to activate a 15-day free trial OR a free transfer service.

WordPress auto update/One click install/backup
WordPress auto update/One click install/backup

Provide WordPress one click install and auto renewal, backup and restore status before update.

PHP performance upgrade
PHP performance upgrade

Support PHP version 8, make WordPress work smoothly via depth tune.

Cache acceleration
Cache acceleration

Built-in Smart Purge, LiteSpeed plug-in to accelerate cache.

Auto image compression
Auto image compression

It’s ok to forget to compress image, the background auto-processing makes your website no more lagging!

Database tuning
Database tuning

The database performance tuning of WordPress is the key element, and you can leave it up to us!

Web server optimization
Web server optimization

Adopting the advanced LiteSpeed Web Server will double the load without sacrificing performance and compatibility!

Increase information security
Increase information security

Built-in WAF, a protective measure to block potential vulnerabilities for the website.

Carry both space and traffic
Carry both space and traffic

Provide plans for small to large usage, help you to get the perfect resources.

24-hour technical support
24-hour technical support

The professional technical team is on call for 24/7/365, just like your personal IT team!

Free plugin installation service
Free plugin installation service

Yuan Jhen provides a free plugins installation service. If you have this requirement, please mail us at support@twnoc.net

  • Prohibited items
    • Spamming or newsletters without the consent of recipients is strictly prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to set up game-related forums or game plug-in sites 
    • black-hat SEO-oriented websites or public Web proxy services 
    • forum programs written in CGI language, chat rooms, or other programs that consume excessive hosting resources. 
  • Upload traffic is free, which refers to the traffic that flows from the client to the company's server. For example, a user uploads a file to the company's server through a web program, which is upload traffic and will not be charged. *Except FTP*; Please use free FTP space or use relevant programs to backup important data in the host regularly. If you need such information, please apply to the service staff after payment. If you need a complete backup of the automatic system on a regular basis, you can refer to our cloud host service.
  • Users can pay the difference to upgrade the plan when the plan traffic is insufficient, no downgrade is allowed afterward.
  • The cPanel console is recommended to log in using Firefox 17 or above, IE 11.0, or Google Chrome.
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: All the plans on this page have a 30-day refund guarantee if the trial is unsatisfactory. The 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to the domain and the processing fee of US$1.17 for using the payment system in convenience stores. The processing fee for using a bank ATM or credit card will be exempted. If you use the free website migration service, we will deduct US$16.67 transfer fee per website. No refund will be given after 30 days.
  • For the rest of the regulations, please refer to the Company's Terms and Conditions when applying. When you apply plans from us, you signify that you agree to the company's terms and conditions.