Scan Vulnerability Immediately to Discover Potential Website Risk


Trusted by government units and enterprises, it provides multiple standards-qualified reports such as PCI DSS, OWASP 2017, GDPR, and HIPAA. It detects SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, and more. It also detects vulnerabilities in applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Allows you to prioritize high-risk issues and improve security maintenance.

Scan Vulnerability Immediately to Discover Potential Website Risk|Yuan-Jhen


Free Re-scan to Provide the Most Comprehensive Vulnerability Scan Service

Your website security is an important task to us, we focus on solving your problems effectively, and make the most of the vulnerability scan service.


Re-scan Service

We provide a re-scan service to confirm the problem.

Buy the vulnerability scan with a free re-scan!

We will give you the perfect scan results after we confirm that the problems have been fixed. Say No to the report full of failures!

Users who purchase the vulnerability scan service can obtain a free re-scan within 14 days after the scan report is provided.

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Providing Data|Yuan-Jhen
Providing Data
Vulnerability Scan|Yuan-Jhen
Vulnerability Scan
Scan Report|Yuan-Jhen
Scan Report
Improving Vulnerability|Yuan-Jhen
Improving Vulnerability
free re-scan within 14 days|Yuan-Jhen
A free re-scan within 14 days.

 Ensure the Security of Your Website

Vulnerability Scan Before Going Online


Check the relevant applications for vulnerabilities beforehand, reinforce the security of the system, and greatly reduce the possibility of data leakage.

Vulnerability Scan on a Regular Basis

It is to detect if there is a risk of vulnerabilities. If there are modified and updated versions of the program, it can also ensure that no new information security vulnerability is created.

Protect the database
from theft.
Discover program bugs of the website.
Check website connection security.
Verify information security defense system
Qualified scan report


Before performing a vulnerability scan, please inform your hosting provider first to avoid being seen as an attack during the scanning process, blocking our IP and causes trouble.
please contact; if you have any purchase needs for security products, please write to the sales department at