Dedicated Hosting

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is also known as dedicated server hosting, dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service. Dedicated hosting is to provide the whole dedicated server to a single user, serving 100% independent system resources without sharing with others.

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Features of dedicated hosting

✔ 8 hours immediately online

To get your website online in 8 hours on weekdays, save you time to focus on your business!

✔ Complete server resources

Different from the virtualize structure of the VPS hosting, dedicated hosting provides independent resources and is more efficient. User with a large website or have more needs on hosting will be perfect with this plan.

✔ High manageability and scalability

Provide IPMI interface, user can log in and manage the power, ISO self reboot system is also mountable. Extra FTP space for free for you to back up website data easily.


What's the difference between dedicated hosting, virtual hosting, and VPS hosting?

The biggest difference between dedicated hosting and other hosting is that the user can enjoy the whole server resources without sharing with others, it is not only more efficient than VPS hosting but it can also upgrade the specification by changing the equipment, which is very scalable. In manageability, they both have the highest authority to manage the Root for Linux / Administrator for Windows. Users can set the system, install programs and configure BIOS by themselves. It suits users that need a customized hosting environment. However, with an advantage like this, the price of the dedicated hosting will be higher than others.

Analysis And Comparison of Web Hosts
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Who needs dedicated hosting?

✔ A website with high traffic and various members
✔ A website with complicated programs, large data inventory
✔ Needs of full server and bandwidth resource
✔ Whom with the Linux/Windows management ability
✔ Module needed and cannot fulfill by another hosting
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