Introduction of Cloud Products

Cloud Computing and CDN Service

Cloud computing can help you solve the following problems

E-commerce Website

The high availability environment and enterprise storage system are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Test/Development Environment

Plenty of OS templates can simplify your test environment setup process.

Enterprise Applications

It provides required critical applications, such as ERP, to run the business.

Introduction of Cloud Products|Yuan-Jhen
Introduction of Cloud Products|Yuan-Jhen

Mobile Apps

You can build your mobile apps on Yuan-Jhen 's cloud systems.

Company Website

You can reduce the expenses of hardware and software by simplifying IT management.

Mobile Website

Flexible deployment and expansion can save time.

Features of CDN Service|Yuan-Jhen

Features of CDN Service

Speed up web browsing

Large files ( image files, videos ) are stored in a distributed manner through the CDN. These data can be cached to the global CDN without re-reading from the server, which effectively improves website browsing speed.

Effectively save bandwidth

When users don’t need to read data from the same server anymore, the bandwidth and load of all hosting are greatly reduced. The cost of the original hosting is also saved.

Increase website stability

The caching function enables the server to divert website traffic to a closer and smoother hosting resource even if the server fails or under attack, which greatly improves the stability of the website.

Improve website security

The CDN service can hide the IP address of the original website, and the CDN nodes are scattered around the world to increase the threshold for DDoS attacks, which is equivalent to adding a layer of protection to your website. Overall, it can increase the security of the website.