2024-05-24cPanel CloudLinux 7 Support EOL Notice

What Happened?

The lifecycle of Linux distributions CentOS 7 and CloudLinux 7 will end on June 30, 2024 (EOL). This means that critical feature and security updates will no longer be applied to systems running these versions. Therefore, users of these operating systems are strongly encouraged to upgrade to CloudLinux 8 and 9 to continue benefiting from a secure and up-to-date operating system.

What Do I Need to Be Aware Of?

Due to the end of life (EOL) for CloudLinux 7, cPanel and WHM version v110 running on virtual hosts will be the last versions to support CloudLinux 7. Package updates and official technical support will only be available until June 30, 2024.

For more details, please refer to the cPanel EOL official notice:third-party-software-end-of-life-policy


How Will YuanJhen info. Assist Me

To maintain virtual host cPanel package updates and continue receiving official technical support while avoiding unpredictable issues caused by outdated hardware, YuanJhen info. will assist in gradually consolidating some virtual hosts to new servers. This will provide you with a more secure and stable hosting environment.

A detailed transfer schedule will be sent in a separate announcement email.


Important Notes:

  1. The new servers will use MySQL version 8.0, and MySQL 5.7 EOL version cannot be continued.
  2. The new servers will use PHP version 8.3. If other PHP versions are required, please use the cPanel Select PHP Version 功能切換版本。
  3. To avoid database import failures and garbled text issues after the transfer, it is recommended that web designers begin making the necessary adjustments and tests.
  4. The new servers will run on CloudLinux 8 and 9, with updates and technical support available until May 31, 2029, and May 31, 2032, respectively.