2021-05-25Singapore Hosting - Helping You Expand Singapore and Southeast Asia Market

Singapore Hosting Server In IBM Singapore. Recommended For Websites In Singapore And Southeast Asia | Yuan-Jhen


Singapore hosting is recommended to host websites in Singapore and southeast asia.

Web hosting and servers in Singapore

Singapore Hosting server based in IBM Singapore IDC, high performance & fast loading speed with SSD shared hosting solution. Recommended for reseller, business, and personal websites in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Know More About Singapore Web Hosting

Benefits Of Singapore Hosting:

  • Pre-configured free SSL Certificates and malware scanner

  • Server room located in IBM Singapore International Data Center

  • Enterprise-level SSD web hosting

  • Setup cost saving

  • Easy to get the hang of

  • A 25% discount for new users & US$5 Yuan-Jhen credit


Singapore Hosting Services:

  • 24/7/365 professional technical support

  • Free transfer service or 15-day free trial

  • High insurance backup system

  • Application Support

  • Program support and Email Service

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