How to Apply and Buy a Domain Name?

Apply and buy a domain name at Yuan-Jhen. You purchase domains with discounts, free DNS hosting, two free email hosting, and DNSSEC. You don't need technical skills; let Yuan-Jhen handle it with 24/7 support. Easily search, apply available domain names, or transfer domains on Yuan Jhen's official website.

How to buy a domain name for my website?

Step 1: Search a domain name

Buy domain names at an affordable price at the official website of Yuan-Jhen. Find the perfect domain names using the domain search bar, find the right domains now, then click 「Search」.

How To Buy A Domain Name? Domain Registering Tutorial | Yuan-Jhen

Step 2: Choose a domain name

If the domain names have the result「register」, the domain names are available, and you can apply for them. Click「register」and choose the best domain for your sites.
Check the order summary and click「Checkout」after completing the above steps.

How to Buy and Apply a Domain Name? Domain Application Guide | Yuan-Jhen

Step 3: DNS Management & add custom Nameservers

If you don't have DNS management, please tick「DNS Management」, Yuan-Jhen provides free DNS Management. You can use your own Nameservers by using custom Nameservers. Enter your Nameservers information below to set up.
By default, new domains will use our nameservers for hosting on our network.
Click「Continue」after completing the above steps.

How to buy a domain name for my website? Buy website domains | Yuan-Jhen

Step 4: Review & Checkout your order

Review & Checkout your product and order summary. Entering promo code if you have a discount code in the「Apply Promo Code」box, then click「Checkout」.

Search and choose a domain name before you buy a domain name | Yuan-Jhen

Step 5: Log in your account

Please enter your personal details and billing information to checkout and choose your preferred payment method. You can log in directly from this page if you have a registered account.
Tick「Terms of Service」and click「Complete Order」after completing the above steps.

Get Free Email Hosting and free DNS management by Domain Registration | Yuan-Jhen

Step 6: Finish the domain payment

The final step of buying domain names process is completing the domain payment by clicking「Invoice #?????」from order confirmation to complete payment. You will aslo receive a confirmation email sent to your registered email.

Start to buy domain names with discounts! | Yuan-Jhen

Start to buy domain names!

If you have not buy a domain name, you can also apply a domain name at Yuan Jhen. Get Free Email Hosting and free DNS management by Domain Registration! If you have any questions, please call +886 2 4499-343 or contact us through an online contact form.

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