How to Transfer a Domain? Easy Domain Transfer

How to Transfer a Domain? .TW, International Domains, and New Top-level Domain Transfer

Step 1: Please obtain the EPP Code from the original domain registrar.

Step 2: Please click “Transfer Domain Name” on the Domain Registration page.


Step 3: After entering the domain name you want to transfer, clicking「transfer」.


Step 4: Please enter the EPP Code in the domain configuration, and you can also tick to DNS managemen (FREE).
The nameservers must be updated at the same time after transfering a domain name. Set the new nameservers in the domains configuration.


Step 5: Confirm the domain name application information, fill out the customer details and click "Checkout" to finish the domain application process.
If you purchase our service for the first time, you can sign up for customer information on this page.


Step 6: Please check your Email that was registered when you transferred the domain name to receive the payment of your order.
Within 12 hours of payment, you will receive a transfer confirmation letter (in English) from the registrar (IPMIRROR). To begin the transfer process, please click the link to agree to the transfer. It will take approximately 5 working days.


Step7. IPMIRROR will send two confirmation emails with the same content, one to the WHOIS email address and the other to the customer area email address, both of which must be confirmed:

❶. Please click here to agree transfer domain.


❷. After ticking the checkbox, approving it.


❸. Confirm that the domain name status is Approved and tick the checkbox.


Step 8: If the EPP Code is incorrect or the two confirmation letters are not confirmed, the domain transfer will fail, and this order will be canceled.
The payment will be converted into credits at Yuan Jhen, which can be used to reduce future bills.

Step 9: After the domain transfer is successful, you will receive a notification that the domain transfer is completed. and domain name transfer application form and domain name transfer must provide the applicant's information which is consistent with whois registration.
It takes about 10 working days to transfer an domain name from a foreign registrar to a Taiwan Domain registrar. This service will be unavailable complete if you can not wait or if the domain expiration date is less than two weeks.
Download for .tw domain name transfer application.

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